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Stretch Wrap

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Apa itu Stretch Film?

Stretch film adalah film plastik yang digunakan untuk mengamankan, membundel, dan menstabilkan produk. Stretch film, terbuat dari polietilen kerapatan linier rendah. Saat menerapkan, film harus ditarik dan ditarik ke sekeliling produk untuk mendapatkan muatan produk yang ketat dan aman. Stretch film hadir dalam berbagai ukuran lebar, ketebalan, dan warna.

Jenis-jenis Stretch Film

Bundling Stretch Film- Considered any film roll between 2-5 inches in width. Bundling film is a excellent alternative tape and plastic strapping for bundling multiple products together.
Hand Stretch Film- Most of our hand film comes with a standard 3" core that will fit most any hand dispensers. Choose everything from clear to colored and even anti-static stretch wrap film.
Extended Core Stretch Film- Offers built-in handles that are great for companies that need to wrap something on the go. The integrated handles are ideal for low volume output or mobile stretch wrap applications.
Machine Stretch Film- Our machine pallet stretch wrap is offered in true standard gauged film as well as pre-stretched and equivalent film. All of our machine films can run on stretch wrap machines with up to a 250% stretch.
Colored Stretch Film- We offer transparent and opaque colored stretch film ideal for a variety of applications. Companies use transparent stretch film to color code loads to make for easy identification during shipping. The opaque film conceals loads and protects shipments from UV light.

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